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What is Instagram?

As of June 2018, Instagram has reached the 1 billion monthly active user mark (TechCrunch, 2018). More than 500 million active users are using the platform daily. As of now, the Instagram app is one of the most popular social networks worldwide. Via Instagram, users can click photos using their mobile phones and apply a range of digital filters to generate preferred effects, and then share their creations on social networks such as Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. It allows you to share your videos and photos and it’s getting more popular daily.

Instagram also allows users only to watch these photos and videos, yet doesn’t allow photos to be downloaded. But, if you really want to download photos on Instagram, there are other ways to do it. However, before that, it would be best to know how to view private Instagram profiles.

Instagram is probably the largest online photo sharing website in the world that anyone can view photos and videos of their followers or the one they are following. But, there’s an exception because users can’t view those profiles that are private.


What is Private Instagram profile?

Anyone anywhere will be able to view Instagram users’ information except if they possess a private profile. Those who do not like this concept, Instagram’s privacy setting are easy on/off an idea in contrast to Facebook’s settings, which can be altered in numerous ways. So they make their profiles private displaying their photo feed just to Instagram users whom they have accepted to “follow” them. Other users need to send them a request to become followers to see their profile.


Why Instagram users make their profiles private?

There are many reasons why Instagram users consider setting their profiles as private. Mainly users make their profiles private to hide their personal pictures from the strangers. Some want to hide their Instagram photos to the public, particularly when such photos are not decent or don’t fall above their expectations. Others also want to hide Instagram photos because they don’t want to expose themselves online and only want to share some of their photos or videos to people they only trust. And some kids and young people make their profiles private to keep things hidden from their parents and relatives.

There are some pros and cons in making an Instagram profile into private.


Handle over Viewers: When an Instagram account is set to private, new followers should be accepted before they acquire entry to the users’ feed. If users’ stream features pictures that they do not need sharing, the photos are relevant just for a selected number of people and friends, for example, a private account provides them with the ideal level of control over their information. It also prevents unnecessary likes and comments on their photos, although Instagram does feature the option to block any particularly frustrating users.

No Web Access: Instagram has extended from mobile applications to the Web, which indicates any person who discovers their Instagram feed, whether from a social media badge or a tweeted image can see their latest photos. Setting an account to private prevents this from occurring, so their Instagram photos can’t be shared over social media, saved to disk or viewed online by those without an Instagram account. Eventually, they have more control over the privacy of their photos, as the pictures are guarded from non­followers on the Web.

Although they got these advantages, there are some things that they miss by making a profile into private.


Hidden from Non-Followers: If a person who is not following their Instagram profile must discover their feed in a search or on their company website, that person will not be able to see any of the photos it contains. Non-followers will not be able to check out the pictures users are sharing, making it harder for that person to choose whether or not users’ feed is worth subscribing to. Users’ account is less likely to be found by other Instagram users, as pictures from it will not show up in the Explore tab or in hashtag searches. With a private profile, you may find it harder to draw in new followers.

Lack of Engagement: Instagram users can give likes and comments on any kind of photo on the network, whether or not they are following the user in question, from both the mobile application and the Web interface. With a private account, users take away this option non-followers will not be able to participate with users’ content or leave feedback on it. It’s also crucial to factor in the time needed to manually accept each every new follower for their account, which will improve the more they advertise and promote their feed.


Why do you want to view a private Instagram profile?

It can be quite a chore to keep up with the photos of your friends on Instagram, particularly if you have tons of friends. You need to log in, browse photos, navigate every page of your friends individually, and checked some of the latest photos or videos posted to find out what they’re up to.

In today’s advancement in technology, there have some easier ways to keep up and organize with every photo. However, what if you’re travelling on a business trip or flying and you want to check out the photos of your friends, yet you don’t have any access because you’re offline? Well, you may consider entertaining yourself through watching in-flight movies or listen to the one who’s snoring. But, what’s worst is that when you can’t see some of the photos of your friends because it turned out that their accounts are set on private.

There are also tons of reasons why you would want to view these and one of these is curiosity. You might be curious to know what is inside his or her private profile. What he or she is hiding or why all of the photos are hidden so that only their approved users can access and view their videos and photos.


Is it illegal to view private photos on Instagram?

When it comes to legality, some stated that something is said to be legal if and only if the majority generally accepts it, not really permitted by law because people make laws. Just because others don’t want to view their photos, these don’t mean you can’t because there are always ways on how to see them.

And the most important thing is we can only access to Instagram profiles with the permission of Instagram users. So, it’s 100% lawful and safe for you since we are not infringing upon any laws, and you aren’t the person who is abusing the bugs on Instagram site, too.


How can you view a private Instagram profile without following?

Although the users think that others can not view their private profiles, it was not possible in the past. But now there are methods to do that even Instagram can not block. If the desire isn’t available, the available becomes desirable. If they’re no longer publicly available, the ways to view a private profile that you can consider. And here are two methods that can help you to do that:


The first method is simple, but it can be difficult.

First and foremost, you should study your target. Determine what she or he likes, her or his friends, and those he or she follows. Then, gather all of the information you got by making a new Instagram account that focused on the information you got. This may highlight your target’s likes and other things that you think appealing to her. Ensure that your target will like most of the information you have on your profile. You can achieve this by following some of your target’s followers. In this way, you can be assured that there’s a huge chance to be accepted as a follower, which will allow you to view your target’s photos and videos. Once you have done everything right, you will get results and you will enjoy the perks even if you have done it the hard way.

This method is actually based on trust. If you want results, your target should see you as someone he or she knows and not as one of the strangers. And this method is quite difficult because it’s time-consuming. However, if you really want to view your target’s private Instagram profiles, you must forget about the time taken and concentrate on the rewards you will get.


The second method is using our online tool. Our professional developers created this tool, which comes with great features that enable users to viewed videos and photos from private profiles.


How our online tool can help you do that?

When you make a search on Google with the keyword “How to view private Instagram profile”, you will get a huge of the results return, but most of these websites will scam and leave you frustrate. Once you come to our website, you will have some questions running through your mind. Is this another website trying to scam me? Will this tool help me get what I really need? And what is the difference between this tool and the other tools out there? You will get the answers as we go further with the detail information below.

As you know, Facebook owns Instagram, and it is one of the biggest companies in the technology industry having a very high-quality security system. Therefore, it is a zero chance for you if you want to access their database without their permission. This is the reason why a lot of tools out there is just a scam because they cannot access the Instagram database without the permission of the Instagram users. But, our tool can work this out because we have the permission of Instagram users to access their profiles.


So, how can we do that?

Before we answer this question, we want to remind you of one thing. Have you ever sign up a new account on some apps that don’t require your email address or phone number, or nothing else than your social account? To get a new account on an installed app, you can sign up with your Facebook, Instagram, or Google+ account instead of using an email address. Of course, that is the way our online tool works. When you registered a new account with your social account, you have to permit these apps to access to your social accounts. When it does, it can steal all your information from your account. That is how our tool works.

It permits us access to Instagram profiles through the app that was installed and approved by Instagram users. Maybe you are feeling scared by this information, but unfortunately, that is the truth, that`s how the advance technologies are working nowadays. No companies or services can guarantee 100% that your personal information will be safe; unless you do not make it public on the internet.

Can our tool work with all Instagram accounts? 

Not yet, it only works on up to a maximum of 90% of all Instagram accounts out there. Because it depends on how many Instagram profiles that our network application had access to successfully.

What is the difference and similarity between our tool and the others?

The similarity here is that you have to complete an offer to make sure you are a human and not an automatic robot, but the difference is that on our website, we own a technology that others do not have.

Why do I have to complete an offer?

This is to prove you are a human and not an automatic bot. You should also know that when other websites discovered our website, they wanted to steal our database and rename by using an automatic bot. If we do not prevent this, it will kill our server; this is the reason why you should go through this step. It will take you just about 1- 2 minutes to complete it. There are actually many ways to prove you are a human, but with today’s advanced technology (artificial intelligence, machine learning), these methods will be bypassed. Therefore, completing these offers is the only method to prevent these technologies effectively.


Why users love our Tool?

There are many tools, but you should pay more attention when selecting one because there are some websites which deceive you by providing a fake tool. By downloading some application, your device may attack by harmful viruses so that you must consider these facts before selecting a tool.


But with our tool, you don’t need to worry about that. Why:

  • We offer a web-based tool that can be accessed online. You don’t need to download and go through the hassle to use it. It is a risk-free way of accessing private profiles and you will be able to do it in a secure way. 
  • It is compatible with almost all the major operating systems available out there. And with our tool, you can work with all the devices, including computers, mobile phones and tablets.
  • Our tool comes along with a user-friendly interface. Therefore, you can quickly figure out how to use it and get access to private Instagram photos and videos. In other words, you can get to know what you should do next because of the convenient interface.
  • You will never have to experience any lags, and the entire online application works smoothly — all you need to have in a fast and reliable internet connection. And if your internet connection is strong, you can make your job done within very few minutes.

So with all this information, you can figure out what is best for you. If you want to get your job done in a risk-free and quick way, you should make use of our tool, and you will be 100% satisfied.


How to use our Tool?

You can use our tool with four simple steps.
STEP 1: Enter an Instagram Username you want to view into our tool here !
STEP 2: Click on the Submit button.
STEP 3: Click on the Next button and complete an offer to get a security code.
STEP 4: Enter a security code and enjoy access to private Instagram photos and videos.


NOTE: Please read this carefully before you start the process.

When you submit a security code into our tool and then get a message “Our database does not have the information on the Instagram account that you’re searching – we will send you the notification when we have new details on this account. Sorry for the inconvenience!”. Know that we do not have the database of that particular Instagram account.

For how long will our network application have the information of that Instagram account? It depended on the installation of that Instagram user and permitted our network application. But don’t worry about that because our network has almost all the information on Instagram profiles out there. That is, we have nearly 90% of all the Instagram accounts out there. It means that you have only 10% chances of failure at that time, but it will reduce more because our network application always has permission on these Instagram accounts every minute.



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